Effect of Coronavirus on Paid Advertisement

Paid search is a fantastic window on all of this. While our offline lives have been massively disrupted by the coronavirus, the paid search sector is comparatively ever-present. 

Effect of Corona

Analysts expect Google and Facebook will experience ad revenue declines in travel and other industries most affected by global efforts to slow the spread of coronavirus. 

According to Loop Capital Markets analysis Google will see a 15% year-over-year decline in travel ad revenue in the first quarter and a 20% drop in the second quarter due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Paid Search Specialists  Fascinating Insights.

San Francisco based digital advertising agency, says, "I am treating it similar to B2B clients in deep".

Search intelligence offers not only remarkable clarity but also a real-time lens into market movements, trends, and opportunities across verticals and in close to real-time.

Fletcher writes at the Adthena blog.

“PPC is a stable, transparent refuge every marketer needs to be leveraging right now to keep the oars in the water.”

Its time to push industry-relevant/thought leadership content. People have a bit more time now working from home where they’re brushing up on their professional knowledge.

"The idea is to focus on engagement and then retarget once we get to the other side.”

We have been using data to help show [clients] opportunities to continue to grow their business 

“Utilizing Google Trends on a more consistent basis has been useful to show shifts or increases in search interests, and search term data has helped inform us of newly peaked interests that have surfaced along with COVID-19 and helped inform our messaging.”

The strategy of Paid media during this Scenario.

"Move toward upper funnel conversion optimization while building remarketing lists of people researching during COVID-19,”.

 You’ll then be able to stay top-of-mind when consumers are more inclined to buy. Focus on brand and mission awareness.

Being a bit more flexible with your CPA and ROI and thresholds, you will help ensure you can close sales over a longer than usual time period.

Increase the device bidding on the desktop because the desktop search is rising aimed at the work from the home. 

Customer journeys will be different and will be longer during this time.

According to van der Kooi "As you think about attribution modeling, as you think about ‘Where do I want to show up,’ ensuring that your advertising campaigns and remarketing opportunities are really maximized as consumers do more research and visit more sites,”

The paid search sector gives us a fascinating glimpse into the disruption at play across the global business. But the positivity, agility, and resolve on display is heartening too.

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